MULTI-FUNCTION I/O CARD with A/D, D/A, Counters, SSI and EtherCAT

Multi I/O module for ADwin-Pro-II systems

Multi I/O card for ADwin-Pro-II Systems

The multi I/O modules for ADwin-Pro II are autonomous multi-function cards for any type of signals: The module combines the fast reacting local TiCo processor with analog and digital I/Os. With this capability, the intelligent slide-in card can react independently to measurement values and events as well as offload the main processor. For examples such as performing as fast closed-loop controller, digital filter for analog signals, function generator or intelligent limit monitor.

There are even more possibilities using the extended version, with counter inputs, SSI decoder or EtherCAT interface.


  • TiCo Processor
  • 128 kB Internal Memory
  • 4 MB External SRAM
  • 37-pole Sub-D Plug

Analog inputs

  • 8 Differential or 16 Single-Ended Channels
  • ADC Resolution 18 Bit; Conversion Time 2 µs
  • Multiplexer Settling Time 2 µs

Analog outputs

  • 4 Channels
  • DAC Resolution 16 Bit
  • Settling Time 9 µs

Digital channels

  • 8 Channels with TTL Logic
  • Configurable as Inputs or Outputs in Groups of 4

Optional MIO-4-ET1 Expansion (Order Time Option)

  • 4 Transistor Outputs
  • 4 Optically Isolated Inputs
  • (1) Counter Block with (2) 32 Bit Counters (a forward/backward counter and a counter for PWM analysis)
  • 1 SSI Decoder
  • 1 EtherCAT Interface (slave)

The ADwin multi-function I/O card and provides a capable method of handling demanding real-time processing or control applications. It increases the power of ADwin systems by localizing processing on the input card and freeing up the main processor for higher level activities.

For complete solutions for complex real-time processing and control applications, contact CAS DataLogger’s Solution Analysts for application specific designs. Pricing based on individual application needs and required results.