Production Test: Monitoring a Metal Stamping Press

ADwin-Light-16 Real Time Data Acquisition System

Monitoring a Metal Stamping PressCAS DataLoggers recently provided the real-time data acquisition solution for an automotive manufacturer using metal stamping presses to shape their torque converters. Stamping was used to create a series of indentations that held metal vanes used to transmit the power from the engine to the transmission though a fluid. Hydraulic cylinders were used to force a hardened punch into the metal which was displaced into a corresponding die, creating 136 separate indentations. However, the punches, being extremely hard, were occasionally subject to breakage. In this automated environment, where one part was turned out every 45 seconds, many defective parts could be fabricated before an operator’s visual inspection detected that the indentations weren’t properly formed and that a punch had failed. Read more on our applications note page.