Injection Valve and Pump Testing in Real-Time

ADwin-Gold Real-Time Data Acquisition and Control System
CHESTERLAND OH—June 11, 2012

ADwin-Gold Real-Time Data Acquisition and Control SystemCAS DataLoggers recently provided the datalogging solution for a large manufacturer who needed to test its injection valves and pumps to be used in a wide variety of engines. These valves consisted of compact modules containing the magnetic circuit and the valve unit, controlled by a digital signal from the ECU (electronic control unit) which started the movement of the valve. Wear on the proportional valves also needed to be recorded over millions of cycles. A proposed test target was to detect the timing of this movement in every injection spray cycle in a durability test stand, which meant 6000RPM 50x per second, or every 2nd revolution of the crankshaft. Read more on our Equipment Monitoring applications note page.