CAS DataLoggers Is in Puerto Rico for CSIA 2016!

Demonstrating the Latest Measurement & Control Technology
CHESTERLAND, OH—April 21, 2016

Right now CAS DataLoggers Sales Manager Pete Martin is in Puerto Rico exhibiting at CSIA 2016, a gathering of systems integrators seeking the latest monitoring & control systems. Take advantage of this new technology–call a CAS DataLoggers Applications Engineer today at (800) 956-4437 and save!

Voltage Data Acquisition Systems Capture Transient Data

Log Signals from the kHz to MHz range
CHESTERLAND, OH—April 4, 2016

Do you need to record voltage for your application? CAS DataLoggers offers versatile data acquisition systems from ADwin and Delphin which can record voltage signals from a variety of sensors. Give our experienced Applications Specialists a call at (800) 956-4437. Read more on our Voltage Data Acquisition page.

CAS DataLoggers is Attending CSIA 2016 in Puerto Rico!

Providing Solutions for System Integrators
CHESTERLAND, OH—March 21, 2016

CAS DataLoggers is proud to announce its upcoming exhibition at the Control System Integrators Association CSIA 2016 Executive Conference April 19-22 in Pueto Rico! A 4-year attendee, CAS DataLoggers is set to showcase the latest data acquisition technology. Learn more about the show and our cutting-edge products on our latest Tradeshow page.

Industrial Data Acquisition Systems for Process Overview

ADwin, Delphin and dataTaker for Process Data Acquisition!
CHESTERLAND, OH—March 8, 2016

Delphin, ADwin and dataTaker data acquisition systems are ideal for all types of industrial applications such as process or machine monitoring and control, fault diagnosis and more. Read more about our wide range of Industrial Data Acquisition Systems at

CAS DataLoggers Impresses at CSIA 2012

Real-Time Data Acquisition Systems from Jager and Delphin

CAS DataloggersCAS DataLoggers has recently returned from its successful exhibition at the 2012 Control System Integrators Association (CSIA) Executive Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. This year, the company offered new innovative datalogging products including cutting-edge systems from Jager, Delphin Technology, and dataTaker. This year’s conference was the biggest yet, and along with its many products, Sales Manager Pete Martin also displayed Jager’s sophisticated ADwin data acquisition systems, including a unique pendulum demo using an ADwin-Gold device which used precise control and measurement features to suspend a pendulum weight-side-up as an example of the complex applications it can handle. Read more on our 2012 Events page.

CAS Offers Datalogging Solutions for SCADA Security

Control and Alarm Systems Providing Advanced Capabilities

CHESTERLAND OH—December 19, 2011

Supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADA) provide control for industrial equipment used to allocate power, combine chemicals, provide filtration, and many more vital functions. Since last summer when the Stuxnet worm reportedly destroyed Iranian centrifuges controlled by SCADA systems, new SCADA vulnerabilities regularly make international headlines, boosted by a recent unauthorized intrusion into a South Houston water utility. Consequently, SCADA security has become an increasingly critical concern for system owners and prospective customers, but there has been no strong consensus about how to achieve a workable approach. With this in mind, CAS DataLoggers offers a wide range of datalogging products which provide control and alarm capabilities for SCADA systems, ensuring their safety, dependability and integrity.

Occasionally, customers ask CAS Applications Specialists what they can do to protect their supervisory systems from intrusion. The answer is surprisingly straightforward–CAS offers many different datalogging products for system control and alarm, including intelligent dataloggers from bestselling manufacturer dataTaker. These sophisticated solutions can be connected to SCADA systems as a system controller to prevent any physical damage caused by an exploit. The dataTaker data logger acts as an overseer and verifier of the SCADA system’s final physical functions, such as turning a switch on and off or controlling the physical input/output of pump motors. If these physical readings ever go above their preset levels (a potential indicator of system abuse), these data loggers will just shut off the power to prevent any damage and/or immediately send email and SMS through FTP to alert personnel.

Additionally, CAS provides Accsense wireless monitoring and alarming systems which are widely utilized as cost-effective alerting devices to warn personnel whenever parameters such as temperature and humidity, voltage, current and vibration exceed specifications. These convenient systems will even call personnel over the phone as well as sending pager and email alerts, providing a crucial early attack warning tool. Accsense is one of only a few systems on the market which provides this automated voice alert capability.

Summing up these popular systems, Pat Picciano, Systems Analyst and Live Chat operator for CAS DataLoggers, commented, “Our dataTaker products offer control and oversight for SCADA systems to ensure that if a vital parameter suddenly goes out of specification, the datalogger will immediately respond, for instance by shutting off the power. We also offer wireless Accsense monitoring systems which can easily be setup to notify personnel by phone the moment that safe parameters are exceeded. These devices are a great security measure for SCADA systems, and CAS offers both product lines at a low price.”

Check out the dataTaker product overview page here.
Also peruse our Accsense product overview page here.

For more information on dataTaker’s range of intelligent data loggers, the wide variety of Accsense monitoring systems, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit the website at

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Testing High-Performance Engines on a Military Patrol Boat

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Dashboards Efficiently Monitor Utility Usage in a School Building

The requirement to closely monitor utility usage in a school building measured by floor, as well as present this data logged in an easy-to-understand dashboard for each wing was submitted to CAS DataLogger Solution Analysts. Electrical sub-panels are located on each floor but they are separated from their floors’ main utility rooms. These components need to be integrated into the dashboards as well to view the entire usage. Continue reading…