CAS DataLoggers Visits Jager in Germany

Advanced DAQ Systems

Advanced DAQ Systems

CAS DataLoggers management is currently visiting bestselling data acquisition system manufacturer Jager at its facility south of Frankfurt, Germany. CAS DataLoggers Sales Manager Pete Martin and Technical Support Engineer Terry Nagy have made the trip to get advance information about Jager’s upcoming products to continue supplying customers with cutting-edge technology in any control application. Read more on our News Items page.

CAS Releases New Data Acquisition Video

Spotlighting ADwin Real-Time Data Acquisition and Control Systems

CHESTERLAND OH—October 12, 2011

CAS DataLoggers has released its latest video showcasing the capabilities and specifications of its powerful ADwin data acquisition and control devices in inventory. Posted on YouTube, this detailed walkthrough outlines the basics of ADwin system architecture, popular products, relevant applications, and software features. The 3-minute video can be found on YouTube here. Viewers can also subscribe to the CAS DataLoggers YouTube channel here to view additional manufacturer videos and get a first look at the industry’s latest solutions. Near the end of the video is a catalog page listing additional datalogging manufacturers distributed by CAS.

ADwin data acquisition systems support parallel, individually-controlled, real-time processes while running independently of the PC’s operating system but sharing data. These devices feature a local DSP controller, an optional TiCo coprocessor, and tightly coupled analog and digital inputs along with counters providing extremely low latency operation. These sophisticated devices feature deterministic real-time operation with a response time measured in useconds, stand alone operation, and interface with all popular PC programming tools. Additionally, ADwin systems are freely programmable.

The hardware solutions displayed in the video are suitable for a wide variety of applications and project requirements. The ADwin-Light-16 intelligent real-time data acquisition and control system features 8 analog inputs, 2 analog outputs, 6 digital inputs and outputs, a 100kHz sample rate, and a local 32-bit SHARC DSP. These systems are ideal, low-priced solutions for fast data acquisition and control running in real time under Windows. For more demanding applications, ADwin-Gold-II systems offer 16 analog inputs, up to 8 analog outputs, 32 digital I/Os, a 100kHz sample rate, and an optional TICO co-processor. The device also features Ethernet or USB interface for communication with a PC and is housed in a robust metal enclosure for use in industrial applications or in the field. For users requiring modular real-time data acquisition and control, the powerful ADwin-Pro-II system contains up to 480 analog inputs, digital inputs and outputs or any combination of these. Additionally, a high performance 300 MHz DSP processor and an Ethernet communications interface are also included as well as an optional TICO co-processor modules for local pre-processing. This flexible, expandable system is offered in a variety of enclosure sizes, modular configurations, and in both AC and DC powered versions.

The broad range of applications for ADwin systems include test stand control and data collection, component testing, equipment control, servo-hydraulic systems, laser and Ebeam control, and automotive test. These high-speed data acquisition devices are also used for automation, open and closed loop control, intelligent data acquisition, signal generation and digital communications in research, manufacturing and test labs in automotive, aerospace, physics and military facilities.

ADwin systems offer the popular ADbasic software as the solution for flexible and simple programming of fast data acquisition, open-loop and closed-loop control procedures. ADbasic programs are executed on the local processor of the ADwin hardware, triggered by the occurrence of an event signal. With ADbasic, users create the processing procedures based on the ADwin running system. The program code is optimized and compiled over ADbasic or a PC user interface in the ADwin system loaded and run from there independently. The commands for measurement and control functions and floating-point operations are already in the instruction set of ADbasic integrated. A library of functions, such as filters, and numerous examples for counters, regulators, function generators, etc. help users quickly build their programs.

Other software options are also available: with the quickly configurable ADtools utility software, users can display their data graphically or numerically, process visualizing patterns, make inputs via potentiometers, sliders or buttons, and the ADwin control system resources. ADlog data recording software turns the user’s system into a datalogger for recording, visualizing and evaluation of large data amounts without programming effort. Matlab/Simulink graphical programming is also supported. The ADwin software environment can be used under Windows (95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Windows 7) and LINUX or as a stand-alone data acquisition system. Also, ADwin has drivers for many of the popular programming environments including VB, VC/C++, LabVIEW, TestPoint and others.

Bing Brown, CAS Data Acquisition Product Manager, commented: “Our cost-effective ADwin systems regularly handle the most demanding data acquisition and control projects. No matter what the size of your project, these advanced solutions have the precision and software analysis capabilities to handle it.”

Check out the ADwin product overview page here, and the CAS inventory of data acquisition and control systems here.

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