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Modular and Expandable Data Acquisition Systems from ADwin

Industrial, Modular 19-Inch DAQ & Control Systems


Since 2001, we’ve supplied high-performance measurement and control DAQ systems to users in almost every industry. Today we offer customers the ADwin-PRO real-time data acquisition and control system. Read more about what the PRO system can do for your application on our new Real-Time DAQ page.

New ADwin Pro-II Cards Enable Aerospace Applications and More

Aerospace Manufacturing and Test Serial Data Bus Cards

Aerospace Manufacturing and Test Serial Data Bus Cards

CAS DataLoggers and ADwin now introduce 2 new data acquisition cards for ADwin-Pro-II Data Acquisition Systems. Designed for use in the commercial aerospace industry, these cost-effective modules support new serial interfaces for ADwin users. These cards expand the advanced test capabilities of the ADwin-Pro-II to open up exciting new commercial aerospace applications including avionics manufacturing, testing, and more.