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New ADwin Pro-II Cards Enable Aerospace Applications and More

Aerospace Manufacturing and Test Serial Data Bus Cards

Aerospace Manufacturing and Test Serial Data Bus Cards

CAS DataLoggers and ADwin now introduce 2 new data acquisition cards for ADwin-Pro-II Data Acquisition Systems. Designed for use in the commercial aerospace industry, these cost-effective modules support new serial interfaces for ADwin users. These cards expand the advanced test capabilities of the ADwin-Pro-II to open up exciting new commercial aerospace applications including avionics manufacturing, testing, and more.

New ProfiSignal 3.2 Upgrade for Delphin DAQ Systems

Configuration and Analysis DAQ Software

Configuration and Analysis DAQ Software

CAS DataLoggers and Delphin Technology have partnered to announce the latest update to the popular Delphin ProfiSignal configuration and analysis software. ProfiSignal Version 3.2 is now available to Delphin system users and includes upgrades to both ProfiSignal and the DataService/Configurator software. Read more on our News Items page.

CAS DataLoggers to Visit Delphin Technology in Germany

DAQ_systemFor the week of June 24th, CAS DataLoggers Sales Manager Pete Martin and Technical Support Engineer Terry Nagy will be in Cologne, Germany visiting Delphin Technology. As the North American Master Distributor for Delphin, CAS DataLoggers remains committed to providing these data acquisition systems for monitoring and control applications in a wide variety of industries. Read more on our News Items page.

Identifying and Reducing Ground Loop Feedback

A Brief Introduction from CAS DataLoggers

CAS_data_loggersWhile grounding can prevent and resolve many power issues, it can also create serious issues of its own. One of the most common problems is known as ground loop feedback–often resulting when different electrical circuits are powering a system and its peripherals. This can also be a seasonal issue as hot dry temperatures can create signal noise for equipment end users, so the Application Specialists at CAS DataLoggers have put together this brief introduction to help reduce or eliminate interference issues. Read more on our White Papers page.

Intelligent Data Logging Using ADwin DAQ Systems

ADwin real-time data acquisition systems

ADwin real-time data acquisition systems

Since 2001, CAS DataLoggers has supplied high-performance data acquisition and control systems to customers in almost every industry. Our ADwin real-time DAQ systems are especially ideal for intelligent data acquisition and control applications. By utilizing the programmability of the ADwin’s local CPU, users can run real-time datalogging and/or control programs with extremely fast execution speeds in the kHz to MHz range. Read more on our Product Announcements page.

New ADwin CD-Rom Version Announced for ADwin DAQ Systems

adwinCAS DataLoggers and Jager announce the latest version of ADwin DAQ system software. Released May 8th, Version is ready for download from our ADwin Downloads page and adds many new features including improved online help and fixes for bugs reported in the last version. Now it’s even easier to use these real time systems for your critical applications. Read more on our News Item page.

DAQ Systems for Real-Time Product Quality Testing

Delphin LogMessage Series For High-Speed Process Monitoring

daq_systemNo matter your manufacturing process, your business can greatly benefit from accurate product testing and verification. These demanding applications require a data acquisition system to capture high-speed data to reduce the frequency of failures. At CAS DataLoggers, our Application Specialists often recommend an automated setup utilizing a Delphin LogMessage 1000 Data Logging System for accurate process monitoring. Read more on our DAQ Applications Notes page.

ADwin Data Acquisition Systems for Rotating Machine Applications

CAS DataLoggers Supplies Real-Time DAQ Solutions from Jager
CHESTERLAND OH—April 29, 2013

ADwin DAQ systems for rotation analysis

ADwin DAQ systems for rotation analysis

Rotating machine applications require high-precision timing and powerful software analysis functionality. For these demanding projects, CAS DataLoggers provides sophisticated ADwin data acquisition systems from Jager for users in many fields. These cost-effective DAQ systems provide deterministic execution of real-time processes with response times of 1 usecond or less for high-speed acquisition and also offer detailed analysis. For more details check out our Product Announcements page.

CAS DataLoggers Announces Mobile Measurement DAQ Case

For Delphin High-Speed Data Acquisition Systems
CHESTERLAND OH—April 10, 2013

Delphin Mobile Data Acquisition Cases

Delphin Mobile Data Acquisition Cases

CAS Data Loggers
and Delphin Technology jointly introduce the new universal mobile measurement case, the ideal tool for users wanting to record and analyze high-speed measurement data. This robust case system is especially useful for servicing, maintenance and system commissioning. Read more on our Product Announcement page.

Affordable, Simple DAQ Systems for Lab Measurement and Test

CAS DataLoggers together with Delphin introduces the Expert Key 100L and 200L Data Loggers, ideal for multi-channel temperature measurement in the lab but also suited to high-speed data acquisition. Industry R&D and product testing programs need a flexible yet portable device for automation, product quality documentation, and acquiring, monitoring and analyzing measurement data. Expert Key data loggers are a cost-effective solution for analog data acquisition, jumpstarting projects while fitting easily into departmental budgets. Read more on our Product Announcements page.