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New 50MHz Analog Output Card for ADwin Pro-II DAQ Systems

CAS DataLoggers is pleased to announce the release of the new PRO-II-Aout-1/16 50MHz Analog Output Card for the ADwin-Pro-II data acquisition system. This card features a single 16 bit analog output which can update at a 50 MHz rate along with 16 digital inputs and 16 digital outputs. This card is well suited to demanding applications such as scanning microscopy, Magneto Optical Traps (MOT), Quadrapole Ion Traps (QIT) or Quadrapole Ion Storage Traps (QUISTOR).

CAS DataLoggers Announces New Software Development Kit for VersaLog

Accsense_VersalogCAS DataLoggers has just announced a low-cost PC-based data acquisition solution for use with our Accsense VersaLog series data loggers—the new SiteView Software Development Kit. This new software lets users develop their own custom monitoring and alarm applications with VersaLog products. This new solution is ideal for engineers, scientists, and anyone interested in developing application programs to perform DAQ operations with VersaLog dataloggers. Read more on our Product Announcement page.

New Low Cost I/O Modules from CAS DataLoggers

Real Time DAQ Using our PC-based Data Loggers
CHESTERLAND OH—March 5, 2013

ModbusCAS DataLoggers and Brainchild have just introduced the new Distributed I/O Modules as inexpensive, portable solutions recording real-time readings. With a simple setup and standalone operation, these modules communicate with a datalogger, PLC or HMI via Modbus RTU protocol. Featuring options for multiple thermocouple and RTD inputs, as well as current/voltage and digital signals, these data loggers are already seeing use in a wide variety of applications including lab setups, process measurement, and small businesses. Read more on our Product Announcements page.

CAS Announces New High-Speed Data Acquisition System

Delphin Expert Key 200L Offers a Complete Plug and Play Package

CHESTERLAND OH—August 23, 2011

CAS DataLoggers has teamed with respected manufacturer Delphin Technologies to announce the new Delphin Expert Key 200L Data Acquisition System, expressly designed for laboratory and experimental applications, including automation of measurement processes, process visualization, and experiment, trial and test stand automation. This latest generation of data acquisition systems forms a complete hardware and software package in a portable unit with benchtop enclosure, suitable for both tabletop and wall-mounted usage (brackets included).

This cost-effective solution features 28 universal analog inputs which can be attached to mV, volt, 20 mA signals, thermocouples, and RTD sensors, enabling any physical value to be acquired including temperature, pressure, and flow-rate. 2 universal digital inputs are available for acquiring status, frequencies or impulses. All inputs and the 2 analog and 1 digital outputs are universal and galvanically-isolated to protect against earth loops. Pressing the removable cover gives a clear overview of connections. Sensors and actuators are connected via plugs located on the side. The Expert Key 200L also features plug-in screw terminals for secure connections and a 100 kHz maximum sample rate. Measurement data is saved as scaled and linearized to the device (e.g. PSI, ft/sec, GPM). Scaling is pre-configured for all current thermocouple and RTD sensor types, even for large applications, and signal conditioning is also included. Experiments can be controlled or events triggered via analog, digital or PWM outputs. A true plug and play device, the Delphin Expert Key200L lets measurements begin as soon as the device is connected to a PC via USB or Ethernet, making configuration and setup quick and simple.

Free ProfiSignal Go professional PC software is included for the online and offline monitoring and analysis of measurement data. This user-friendly software enables set-up and online or offline monitoring as well as measurement and data analysis. ProfiSignal Go also interfaces with other third-party applications including LabView and Diadem, and data can be exchanged with other systems using an OPC server or Modbus TCP. An OCX interface is also provided to interface with custom programs.

Providing a wide input array for a broad range of applications, the Delphin Expert Key 200L Data Acquisition System is a cost-effective solution for analog data acquisition and laboratory applications, jumpstarting projects while fitting easily into many budgets. Check out the Delphin Expert Key 200L Data Acquisition System product page here.

For further information on the Delphin Expert Key 200L Data Acquisition System, other devices in the Delphin data acquisition line, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Analyst at (800) 956-4437 or visit the website at www.DataLoggerInc.com.

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