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Delphin Releases New Version of ProfiSignal Software

Ver. 4.2 Improves Ease of Use
CHESTERLAND, OH—September 16, 2015

CAS DataLoggers and German manufacturer Delphin are proud to announce an improved version of Delphin’s popular ProfiSignal data acquisition software. Additionally, the new 4.2 version of ProfiSignal software adds support for the new Delphin Expert Logger. Read more about Delphin products on our News page at http://www.dataloggerinc.com/content/news/general_news/943/delphin_releases_new_version_of_profisignal_software__/.

ADwin Develops ARM-Based Realtime Processor

ADwin High-Speed Data Acquisition and Control Systems
CHESTERLAND, OH—September 10, 2015

CAS DataLoggers and German manufacturer Jager-ADwin are proud to announce the latest leap in processing power! Designed for ADwin’s popular ADwin-Pro-II system, the new ARM-based Pro-CPU-T12 processor module offers the highest real-time computing power. Read more about the new T-12 processor on our Product Announcement page.

Jager Releases New ADwin CD-ROM Version

Latest Ver. adds Support for Real-Time Processor
CHESTERLAND OH—August 24, 2015

CAS DataLoggers is proud to announce that German manufacturer Jager has just released a new CDROM version of their ADwin real time control systems. The new version is ready for download on our ADwin Downloads page. http://www.dataloggerinc.com/content/news/general_news/929/jager_releases_new_adwin_cd-rom_version/

Agro Research Institute Guarantees Crop Yields Through Data

Measurement System Provides Precision Data on Soil Properties


In an interesting agricultural application, Delphin Technology provided The Leibniz-Institute of Vegetable and Ornamental Crops (LIVO) with a TopMessage data acquisition system for use in its test fields. The measurement system has been developed as part of LIVO’s research aimed at establishing a scientific basis for efficient horticulture methods. Read more on our new Soil Monitoring Apps Note page.

Delphin Technology Marks 35th Anniversary!

This year, Delphin Technology is celebrating its 35th anniversary! The company specializes in high-quality data acquisition systems for the measurement and test engineering sector. As Delphin’s North American master distributor, we offer these products together with free expert technical support. Read more about these sophisticated systems on our News page.

Event-Triggered Data Acquisition Using ADwin

Real-Time DAQ and Control Systems for Process Monitoring

CHESTERLAND OH—March 17, 2015

In many of today’s production environments, it is extremely important to capture all the data coming from a particular process. For these demanding applications, ADwin data acquisition and control systems are commonly used as high-performance standalone real-time systems. Read more about how ADwin is suited to these applications in our latest Apps Note.

CAS DataLoggers and ADwin Exhibit at DAMOP 2015

Real-Time Measurement and Control for Lab Applications

CHESTERLAND OH—March 10, 2015

We’re proud to be exhibiting at the American Physical Society’s 46th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics (DAMOP) held June 8-12 in Columbus, Ohio. This year, along with Heinz Beimert of Jager-ADwin, CAS DataLoggers Sales Manager Pete Martin will show attendees how the ADwin Pro-II DAQ system is ideal for high-speed control applications in universities and research. Read more on our latest Press Release page.

Delphin Systems Are Helping Facilities Cut Energy Costs

Perform Energy Audits to Identify Savings Areas

CHESTERLAND OH—October 7, 2014

Regardless of size, businesses and organizations are looking to reduce their energy consumption to cut costs and achieve regulatory compliance with carbon targets. CAS DataLoggers can provide you with Delphin dataloggers to measure and monitor your energy consumption. Read more on our latest Energy Monitoring page.

Delphin Technology Announces New Trend-App and Web Server

Delphin Technology has introduced a powerful WebServer and a practical Trend-App to monitor measurement data live on their mobile devices and access historical data. As the North American Master Distributor for Delphin, CAS DataLoggers can help you to get your data acquisition application started quickly. Read more on our News Item page.

Validating Brake Performance on a Prototype Passenger Car

CAS DataLoggers recently supplied an advanced DAQ system for an automotive manufacturer who needed to evaluate the reliability of a prototype vehicle’s braking system. The front disk pad temperatures, MPH, average deceleration and braking duration all needed to be recorded immediately before the brakes were applied. Therefore the customer needed a data acquisition device which could quickly ‘drill down’ on the braking event’s data and store the data on external RAM, and which also offered flexible communications capabilities with a PC. Read more on our Automotive Applications Notes page.