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CAS DataLoggers Offers New Digital I/O Card for ADwin-Pro-II DAQ

CAS DataLoggers and ADwin now offer the DIO-32-TiCo Digital Input and Output Module for the ADwin-Pro-II Modular Real-Time Data Acquisition and Control System. The new card provides your application with a local TiCo processor with a 100 mHz clock to detect events within 100 nanoseconds at a 5-nanosecond accuracy, ideal for high-speed digital applications. Read more on our Product Announcements page.

High Speed Data Acquisition From CAS DataLoggers

Fast Sampling Speeds at a Cost-Effective Price
CHESTERLAND OH—August 6, 2012

CAS DataLoggers along with Delphin Technology offer customers the LogMessage 4000 Data Logger, the newest high-speed data acquisition device. Capable of sampling speeds of up to 10,000 measurements per second, the LogMessage series is ideal for many industrial applications including equipment monitoring, pressure monitoring, product testing, temperature data acquisition, and more. Read more on our Product Announcements page.

Cost-Effective Data Acquisition from CAS DataLoggers

LogMessage 5000—Data Logger with Galvanic Isolation
CHESTERLAND OH—July 18, 2012

Delphin LogMessage 5000CAS DataLoggers and Delphin jointly announce the new LogMessage 5000 datalogger for critical applications in product testing, data acquisition and more. These data loggers are capable of data acquisition using 16 differential analog inputs with galvanic isolation up to 650 VDC. Learn more about Delphin data acquisition products and their powerful capabilities.

Coastal Monitoring Using a Custom DAQ Solution

System Control and Data Acquisition from CAS DataLoggers

Coastal Monitoring using a custom DAQ solutionCAS DataLoggers recently developed a custom measuring process for a large county’s environmental department to acquire data on the wave run-up at a local levee as part of the county’s 2010 general plan for coastal protection. The department needed to develop a new measurement system for wave run-up because no suitable system existed on the market. The safety of the levees needed to be monitored at regular intervals along with other important measurement parameters including sea depth, sea condition and wave run-up, especially during storm surges. Read more on our Environmental Monitoring Applications Notes page.

Automated Pendulum Demo Shows ADwin’s Microsecond Response Time

ADwin-Gold Data Acquisition System

Automated pendulum demo using the Adwin-Gold data acquisition systemCAS DataLoggers Sales Manager Pete Martin impressed attendees with a unique ADwin demonstration at a successful exhibition at the 2012 Control System Integrators Association (CSIA) Executive Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. This demo utilizes an interesting program highlighting how to achieve microsecond response times with a measurement and control system while operating in the Microsoft Windows environment, employing an inverted pendulum, which is highly unstable unlike the balance of a regular pendulum. Read more on our White Papers page.

Vibration Monitoring with Delphin TopMessage Systems

Real-Time DAQ Systems Ideal for Industrial Process Monitoring
CHESTERLAND OH—June 25, 2012

Delphin Real-time Data Acquisition SystemsCAS DataLoggers recently supplied the real-time data acquisition system for a manufacturer who needed to perform vibration monitoring on their plant’s manufacturing equipment as demands on machine up-time increased and quick breakdown response times became critical. Management began searching for a system capable of continuous monitoring of bearing and shaft vibration at high accuracy and able to setup real-time alarms when parameters became unsafe. Read more on our Equipment Monitoring Applications Notes page.

CAS DataLoggers Announces New DAQ Software Terminal Server

Delphin ProfiSignal Saves on Software Maintenance Costs
CHESTERLAND OH—June 18, 2012

Delphin ProfiSignalCAS DataLoggers and sophisticated manufacturer Delphin Technology have jointly announced that the popular ProfiSignal software for Delphin measurement and automation systems is now available to run on Microsoft terminal servers. The new ProfiSignal terminal server version is now available for all ProfiSignal products and is especially useful for ProfiSignal Viewer, the universal offline analysis program. Delphin dataloggers and data acquisition systems see common use in a variety of demanding measurement and control problems in industrial and lab applications. These advanced solutions feature different analog and digital I/O modules for use with a wide range of signal types including voltage, 4-20 mA current, thermocouples, RTDs, and resistance. Read more on our product announcements page.

Injection Valve and Pump Testing in Real-Time

ADwin-Gold Real-Time Data Acquisition and Control System
CHESTERLAND OH—June 11, 2012

ADwin-Gold Real-Time Data Acquisition and Control SystemCAS DataLoggers recently provided the datalogging solution for a large manufacturer who needed to test its injection valves and pumps to be used in a wide variety of engines. These valves consisted of compact modules containing the magnetic circuit and the valve unit, controlled by a digital signal from the ECU (electronic control unit) which started the movement of the valve. Wear on the proportional valves also needed to be recorded over millions of cycles. A proposed test target was to detect the timing of this movement in every injection spray cycle in a durability test stand, which meant 6000RPM 50x per second, or every 2nd revolution of the crankshaft. Read more on our Equipment Monitoring applications note page.

CAS DataLoggers Introduces New Temperature Measurement DAQ System

New Version of Delphin’s Popular Expert Key series for Labs and Test Stands

Delphin Expert KeyCAS DataLoggers together with bestselling manufacturer Delphin Technology introduces the all-new Expert Key 100T and 200T models, designed for multi-channel temperature measurement but also suited to temperature measurement and combined high-speed signal acquisition. The compact Expert Key T devices have console-type housings and are specifically designed for use in laboratories and test stands as tabletop or wall-mounted devices. The system’s analog and digital inputs and outputs are easy to access, and signals and actuators are quick to connect without requiring any tools. Expert Key model T data loggers are ideal solutions for users in industry, R&D, testing/inspection agencies, and universities. Read more on our product announcement page.

Diesel Engine Turbochargers on Test Benches

Delphin TopMessage for Real-Time Monitoring

Diesel Engine Turbochargers on Test BenchesCAS DataLoggers recently provided the data acquisition solution for a leading German manufacturer developing and producing marine diesel engines and compact turbochargers enabling optimal levels of performance, fuel consumption and emissions. Their high- performance components were manufactured in-house and then sent to the plant’s test benches, where the turbochargers were subjected to high levels of thermal and mechanical stresses, including rotating up to 90,000 RPM, exposure to temperatures of up to 750ºC, and a 5.0 pressure ratio. Read more on our quality assurance applications note page.