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New Jager Software Update for ADwin DAQ Systems

CAS DataLoggers Supplies Powerful yet Cost-Effective DAQ Systems
CHESTERLAND OH—February 19, 2013

ADwin Data Acquisition and Control Systems

ADwin Data Acquisition and Control Systems

CAS DataLoggers has teamed with Jager to announce the latest software update for ADwin data acquisition and control systems. Version boasts several improved features including support for new modules (Pro II-SENT-4 and Pro II-MIO-D12); enhancements to the MATLAB driver; and several bug fixes to compiler and library files. With the new MATLAB driver update, .EXE files can now be generated with the MATLAB compiler. The upgrade also includes TICO timing optimization, improved error handling, and more. Read more on our Product Announcement page.

CAS DataLoggers Experiences Success with its Systems Integrator Program

CAS DataLoggers is pleased to announce it is experiencing continued success with its new Systems Integrators Partner Program which trains and certifies solutions providers in a wide variety of engineering disciplines to deliver their own expert data acquisition and integration services. CAS Data Loggers recognizes the value of its Integrated Solutions Partners, and its marketing focus as a data acquisition marketing organization offers them valuable customer leads, a full line of data logging products, and special pricing on automation equipment and demos. Read more on our General News Item page.

Preventative Maintenance Monitoring in a Hydropower Plant

Delphin TopMessage DAQ System for Vibration and Process Monitoring

Hydropower PlantCAS DataLoggers recently provided the data acquisition solution for a hydropower plant setting up hydro turbine condition monitoring for preventative maintenance. Personnel worked without any clear indications of the hydro turbine’s status for detection of developing equipment problems that could help safeguard against critical damage. Therefore management needed to monitor and analyze various plant parameters including shaft vibration measurement, bearing vibration measurement, generator air gap measurement, and plant process signals including mV, mA, RTD, TC, pulse, PLC communication data, etc. Read more on our applications note page.

Quality Assurance in Magnet Production

Delphin TopMessage Provides Data Acquisition and Evaluation
CHESTERLAND OH—March 27, 2012

Magnet ProductionCAS DataLoggers recently provided the data acquisition and evaluation solution for a magnet producer which needed to increase manufacturing quality and thereby decrease the need for expensive reworking. The factory’s permanent magnets were used in many fields, for example in the auto industry, in sensor technology and in medical applications. The manufacture of these magnets required several specialized processes such as powder processing, pressing, sintering, and then the actual manufacture. It was critical to manufacture the magnets to the correct precision to reduce the need for any reworking as far as possible. Read the entire article on our applications note page.

CAS Publishes New Data Acquisition Systems Catalog

Showcasing Advanced Real-Time Systems From ADwin and Delphin

CHESTERLAND OH—October 18, 2011

CAS DataLoggers is pleased to announce the publication of its latest Data Acquisition & Data Logging Systems Catalog, highlighting sophisticated and cost-effective solutions from trusted manufacturers ADwin and Delphin Technology. The new catalog is packed with devices designed for use across many industries and applications, making it a great guide for any new project. In addition to giving catalogs out free at trade shows, CAS is currently taking requests by phone and online at www.dataloggerinc.com. In the near future, the catalog will also be available for download via the website. Images of additional products from cutting-edge manufacturers are also included.

The new catalog details several entries featuring the powerful ADwin line of real-time data acquisition systems including the ADwin-Light-16, the ADwin Gold series, the ADwin Pro series, and their software. The basics of ADwin system architecture, relevant applications, and software features are all detailed. The wide range of applications for ADwin systems include test stand control and data collection, component testing, automotive test, servo-hydraulic systems, laser and Ebeam control, and equipment control. These systems are ideal, low-priced solutions for fast data acquisition and control running in real time under Windows.

ADwin real-time control and measurement systems support parallel, individually-controlled processes while running independently of the PC’s operating system but sharing data. ADwin devices feature a local DSP controller, an optional TiCo coprocessor, and tightly coupled analog and digital inputs along with counters providing extremely low latency operation. ADwin solutions also feature deterministic real-time operation measured in usecond response times, stand alone operation, and they interface with all popular PC programming tools. The ADwin-Light-16 intelligent real-time control system offers users 8 analog inputs, 2 analog outputs, 6 digital inputs and outputs, a 100kHz sample rate, and a local 32-bit SHARC DSP. ADwin-Gold-II systems are designed for more demanding applications and feature 16 analog inputs, up to 8 analog outputs, and 32 digital I/Os. These devices also feature Ethernet or USB interface for communication with a PC and are housed in a robust metal enclosure for use in industrial applications or in the field. For users requiring modular real-time data acquisition and control, the powerful ADwin-Pro-II system contains up to 480 analog inputs, digital inputs and outputs or any combination of these.

ADwin systems offer the popular ADbasic software as the solution for flexible and simple programming of fast data acquisition, open-loop and closed-loop control procedures. With ADbasic, users create the processing procedures based on the ADwin running system. The program code is optimized and compiled over ADbasic or a PC user interface in the ADwin system loaded and run from there independently. A library of functions help users quickly build their programs. The ADwin software environment can be used under Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix or as a stand-alone data acquisition system.

Additionally, Delphin makes a strong showing with its popular line of data acquisition systems designed for measurement and control duties in industrial and laboratory applications. Delphin systems can be used for local data acquisition and logging when connected to a PC; for remote unattended data collection connected the internet; or as stand-alone devices. Delphin systems are suitable as message devices for industrial measurement data acquisition, automation of testing benches, vibration monitoring and analysis, and developing integrated solutions.

Delphin ProfiMessage and TopMessage systems are extremely powerful solutions that can process any signal fast and dependably from just a few thermocouples all the way up to thousands of measurement points spread over several plant areas. Delphin LogMessage Data Loggers are advanced high speed data loggers suitable for automotive testing, remote equipment monitoring and more. These stand-alone systems acquire, monitor, calculate and log measurement data using a 1GB memory for logging up to 128 million measurement values. For a portable plug and play solution, Delphin Expert Key data acquisition systems are available in 2 models for each of the laboratory and industry series. Incorporating analog and digital inputs and outputs in a compact unit, these devices enable data acquisition and test stand automation from a PC using either USB or Ethernet.

Delphin’s user-friendly ProfiSignal software system enables users to easily manage data acquisition, analysis, visualisation and automation. This software is very user-friendly and combines professional functionality with intuitive operation, providing a clear and logical overview of all measurement systems whether for single or multi-thousand channel applications. ProfiSignal is modular, scalable and available in three versions–Go, Basic and Klicks—and each version has backward compatibility for operability, data files and application projects.

Check out a quick overview of our data acquisition systems here.

Pete Martin, Sales Manager at CAS, commented on the catalog’s release: “This year’s catalog is filled with details on our high speed ADwin and Delphin systems which acquire real-time data and feature powerful onboard analysis. These cost-effective devices are the ideal solution for your demanding applications, and with ADwin and Delphin, you’re assured of their quality too.”

For further information on sophisticated real-time data acquisition and control devices from ADwin or Delphin Technology, data acquisition systems from additional manufacturers in inventory, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit the website at www.DataLoggerInc.com.

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