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CAS DataLoggers Exhibits At DAMOP 2014

Providing Intelligent DAQ Systems for Control of Physics Experiments


CAS DataLoggers is at the American Physical Society’s 45th Annual DAMOP Meeting (Div. of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics) held in Madison, Wisconsin. CAS DataLoggers Sales Manager Pete Martin has an exhibit at this year’s meeting and presents the ADwin-Gold-II Real Time Data Acquisition and Control System for microscope control and data acquisition in physics experiments including Cold Atoms/Atomic Traps, Atomic Force Microscope/Scanning Probe Microscopes and more. Read more about DAMOP on our Events page.

CAS DataLoggers Offers New Digital I/O Card for ADwin-Pro-II DAQ

CAS DataLoggers and ADwin now offer the DIO-32-TiCo Digital Input and Output Module for the ADwin-Pro-II Modular Real-Time Data Acquisition and Control System. The new card provides your application with a local TiCo processor with a 100 mHz clock to detect events within 100 nanoseconds at a 5-nanosecond accuracy, ideal for high-speed digital applications. Read more on our Product Announcements page.