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Coker Valve Monitoring in a Refinery

Delphin TopMessage Modular Data Acquisition System
CHESTERLAND OH—March 12, 2012

Coker Valve Monitoring in a Refinery CAS DataLoggers recently provided the data acquisition and control solution for a large manufacturer of valve systems for use in many different industries. The company produced ball, needle, choke, control, gate, and other types of valve systems of many different diameters. One of its customers was a refinery using a special 3-way switching valve in order to direct oil flow into different coking towers. However, the operation of the valve was periodically unreliable and caused costly shutdowns in the refining process. Therefore a reliable monitoring solution capable of connecting to many different kinds of sensors was needed to monitor the correct operation of the valve at high accuracy and analyse the data for a remedy. Read the entire article on our applications note page.